How To Guide: Clean Your Windows Like a Pro

Thursday, September 06th , 2012

Keeping your house looking pristine inside and out is no easy feat and your windows are no exception. It may not seem like a big job but when you actually count all the windows you have in your home from your sash windows, all the glass in your conservatory as well as your upstairs windows, and then you think about washing them inside and out and it suddenly turns into quite a daunting job. But here at Bygone Windows we have put together a guide on how to get your windows sparkling clean easily and efficiently – just like a pro!

Washing your windows with a big wad of kitchen towel and a spray cleaner just won’t cut it anymore. Using this method just pushes the dirt around the window and creates a static charge on the glass which attracts dust and dirt. We need to follow in the steps of the professionals, so get your squeegee at the ready!

Washing the Outside of Your Windows:

Get a bucket of soapy water and a good quality sponge that will soak up plenty of the water and wash the window with this. Then get your squeegee and start at the top left of your window and work your way down in a reverse S pattern to remove the suds. This will lift dirt off the windows without scratching the glass; just make sure you wipe the squeegee with a lint free cloth regularly. Next, get a damp chamois cloth and remove any remaining water from the glass; doing this will prevent your glass drying with streaks all down the window.

Cleaning the Inside of Your Windows:

Fill a bucket or washing up bowl with warm water and add a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Before you start washing your windows, get a duster and remove any dust or cobwebs. Lay a towel on the floor under the window and clean the windows using the water and an old towel (make sure it’s still soft though). Wipe the windows in straight and vertical lines, remove excess water with a squeegee and then use a chamois cloth to avoid streaky windows.

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