Five of the World’s Most Amazing Home Windows

Friday, July 26th , 2013

If you’re a keen follower of our Facebook page, you might be well acquainted with the idea of amazing windows sought from all over the world, as you’ll be subject to our weekly internet competition, the Friday Window of the Week! We scour the internet or take your suggestions and share the most interesting windows we can find, and believe it or not, there’re some truly incredible achievements and spectacles to be seen. Here then are five such specimen of exotic window, except you’ll find all these exclusively in the homes of some probably quite outlandish folk.

Olson Kundig Architects are responsible for this rather encapsulating Idaho garage door-esque ‘wall of glass’ that swings open to reveal a picturesque scene of serenity outside, whilst even with the towering structure closed, plenty of light, and visual delight will seep in through the many windows. Perfect for those living next to a chic lake/mountain combo, but we can’t imagine it working so well in Canning Town.

Next, we’re jetting off to Hollywood to take in this futuristic home, embedded into the hillside and offering a blanket of twinkling city lights and hums below. Its overt strip of glass affords the lucky owner a glimpse of the beautiful surrounding city no matter which way they turn, and with an inviting Infinity Pool hovering in view just outside, we’d give our right arm for a weekend here. Perhaps.

It’s difficult to imagine anything more inviting that stretched out on a comfy bed beneath the Northern Lights in this residential glass igloo in Finland. The curved windows are a sight to behold and with thermal glass used throughout, the temperatures are comfortable and you don’t need to worry about the windows frosting up and obscuring your view. One please.

Fire Island, New York’s very own Frank House, pictured here in 1958 is a feat of engineering, stark not least due to its stretching, soaring windows that look out onto the Atlantic Ocean and offer unfettered views of the horizon.

This unique, mahogany structure that resides in the hilltops of LA, 12 feet above the ground on its base, features some beautifully stacked windows and obscure architectural artistry and a surrounding view that canvases downtown LA, the canyon and the Getty Museum.

Whilst these five pipedreams might get us all misty-eyed, here at Bygone Windows, our sash windows offer the most versatile, eco-friendly and great looking window solution available. Give us a call to find out how we can make your window dreams a reality!

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