How to Guide: Securing Your Home

Thursday, July 12th , 2012

Top tips for safeguarding your home against potential intruders

Summer is finally upon us and as the children begin to break up for their summer holidays, millions of you will be jetting off abroad for the annual break, but while you are off sunning yourself on a stunning beach, have you thought about how secure and safe your home is? Many people underestimate the importance of home security, but break-in rates are reported to soar through the roof over summer because security levels drop. With this in mind, we at Bygone have devised a how to guide to ensure your home is always safe; and a hot spot for many burglars are sash windows so this is where we will start.

  • A window of opportunity; broken and battered doors and windows present the perfect opportunity for thieves. So your first security tip is to make sure you replace any old ones that are doing nothing for your home
  • When you’re away for an extended period of time, it’s vital that you prepare your home for this too! So, whilst packing your case full of summer goodies, set up timers for lights, TV’s and radios. This will give the impression that someone is still in; deterring any would-be intruders
  • It may sound simple but don’t display any valuables – so many people have their curtains and blinds open during the day proudly showing off their flashy new TV – and whilst the neighbours might turn green with envy, this is advertising what you’ve got in your home to potential passers-by
  • Tidy your garden! It might seem tempting after a long day digging and carrying out maintenance work to just leave your tools out; “I’ll put them away in the morning”. However, this just provides any burglars with easier access into your home; imagine how tempting a ladder propped up to your house looks to an intruder

How do you determine how secure your home is? Take a walk around and study every aspect! Sounds daft but this will give you a proper indication of your weaknesses, and strengths, before the worst happens.

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