Bygone: Reducing Heat Loss to Reduce Energy Bills

Wednesday, November 14th , 2012

It’s a well-known fact that the more energy we use, the bigger the impact on the environment we’re having and the more expensive our energy bills will be. Unfortunately, just because we know all of this, that doesn’t mean we know the best way to cut our energy consumption. As the winter approaches you’ll find yourself using more energy to heat your home but could your home being making you use more energy than you need to be?

Here at Bygone Windows we’re the experts when it comes to sash windows and we know how much of an effect the features of your home will be having its energy efficiency. Everything from your walls to your windows could be affecting how much energy you’re using:


Heat loss through your walls can be dramatically decreased with cavity wall insulation yet many older homes do not have it. The insulation between the brick and the inside wall will significantly reduce heat lost by conduction. If your home does not have cavity wall insulation, it could be costing you a fortune.


Windows is another big way in which heat is lost from the home but something as simple as investing in new, quality double glazed windows can have a big impact. The air between the two panes of glass in double glazing reduces heat loss as air is a very poor conductor. If your home has old, substandard windows and your energy bills are skyrocketing, investing in new windows could be the ideal solution.

The more heat you’re losing through your wall and your windows, the more it’s costing you to replace it; by investing in features to make your home more energy efficient you can do you bit for the environment and save yourself a lot of money.

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