What Are The Different Styles Of Sash Window?

Friday, May 03rd , 2013

Here at Bygone Windows we specialise in the manufacture and provision of high quality sash windows to complement and enhance traditional homes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the variety of styles that we offer.

We understand, however, that you may be unsure about which style of sash will best suit your home or even which style you currently have in your home. There are 3 main styles of sash window:

Georgian Sash Windows

The Georgian era was the first in which sash windows became popular across the UK. While the style of window grew in popularity and developed in later years, this is the simplest design of sash window.

Georgian sash windows use two sashes, of which one of moves and the other remains stationary and they typically feature six or more panes.

Victorian Sash Windows

The Victorians were famous for innovative designs and new thinking and this can certainly be seen in the developments made in the style and design of sash windows throughout this era.

Sash windows from the Victorian era usually include fewer panes than their Georgian counterparts with the most common number being 4-6. Many Victorian sash windows will feature a single glazing bar but later designs can include more than one.

Edwardian Sash Windows

During the Edwardian era the main developments in window design came about through the desire to let in as much light as possible. This was achieved through the use of a single, larger pane of glass as opposed to numerous smaller panes.

Edwardian windows, therefore, will commonly feature an upper sash with multiple panes and the lower will include single pane.

Here at Bygone Windows we manufacture and supply a huge range of sash window designs from multiple eras. Please click here to view our full range of sash windows designs that are available to choose from.

If you would like more information about our sash windows then please feel free to browse our website or get in touch with us directly on 0800 0484 670.

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