3 Ways to Stay on Top of the Property Market

Thursday, August 16th , 2012

At the moment getting involved in the property market is very much like testing the water at a swimming pool – everyone is dipping their feet in to see what the situation is like but hardly anyone is diving right in and making a big splash. If you are considering placing your current home on the market in the near future, then you will of course want it to make that big splash and reach its full value or even exceed it – something that can be quite hard to achieve at the moment. Surely there is a way to do it isn’t there? Well, you’re in luck because here at The Bygone Collection we don’t just provide unbelievably good sash windows, but also pride ourselves on giving out help and advice right here on the blog – so let’s get started!

Improve Curb Appeal

The most logical place to begin when hoping to boost the value of your home is with the outside of it as this is the first thing prospective buyers will see and will decide their mood and feeling of your home before they have even stepped in. You want to create the idyllic home and this can start as small as ensuring the front garden is mowed and planting some colourful plants, all the way to (of course!) having sash windows installed. We’re not trying to blow our own trumpet, but as they have even been accepted in British conservation areas, our timber and UPVC sash windows optimise the idyllic appearance that you’re going for.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Next moving in through the front door, you will want those viewing your home to be able to envisage their lives being placed inside it, so try to remove anything too personal or ‘out there’ and make sure that the wall colours are neutral. The inside of your house should look like a ‘home’ but also be a blank canvas for them to paint their ideas onto – refinement is paramount.

Something a Little Extra

What sets homes apart from the rest is something that providers the buyer with that little bit extra and this can be many different things. You could think big with something as impressive as a conservatory or a loft conversion, or advertise the fact that your sash windows cut down on energy costs, either way we wish you luck out there on the property market!

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