Identical frame and sash profiles to those found on the Symphony and Harmony product, including the beautiful wood grained, textured acrylic foil on all profiles. Every deep bottom rail and continuous run through horn, has traditional, “butt jointed” construction; the others are mitred, providing the perfect appearance.

"A rated" 24mm sealed units, filled with Argon gas allow internal Georgian bars and glazing beads, whilst chamfered external bars provide the traditional putty glazed appearance. With fully steel reinforced sashes, security from the exclusive, Acorn or Beehive designed, stainless steel bygone clawed cam catches, means Harmony is fully "secured by design" compliant, the polices preferred specification for sash windows.  

  • standard glazing bar and bead

    While all our windows are steel reinforced, secured by design and "A rated" as standard, melody has our standard 24mm sealed units, (4:16:4mm) filled with Argon gas.

    Although this means your windows won't have the deep bar, they still interlock to form a grille which is firmly attached to the glass surface, with the bar ends being clamped in place using patented, stainless steel Georgi clips.

    Externally chamfered sashes and bars provide the traditional, "putty glazed" appearance.

  • melody, mitred corner joints, white foil or gloss

    If you appreciate quality and your budget is restricted, then Melody is probably your best option.

    Whilst Melody has mitred corner joints, run through horns and deep bottom rails are still made with vertical "mortice and tenoned" joints. Grained, textured, acrylic wood foil is also a standard option, but a reduction for a gloss finish is available on Harmony.

    You still have the option of black frames with white sashes, or for that matter any "Farrow and Ball" or "RAL" coloured paint you wish to select.


  • colour suited locks and recessed limit stops

    Every Bygone Melody sash window is fitted with a single or pair, of solid stainless steel cam catches and face fixed keeps. Unique and again patented, a pair of left and right hand cams will centralise large sashes within the frame for better security, but even single cams are attached with three screws so Bygone cams won't be forced apart.

    Every keep is attached with four screws, two for vertical alignment and two horizontally, into steel reinforcing. Each keep is also fitted with a special nylon insert to protect the plated surface of the stainless steel claw.

    Whilst Acorn or Beehive shaped release knobs and cams are standard options for Melody, the Porcelain ball design is also available as an optional extra.

    Again unlike clumsy, surface mounted devices which are fiddly to use, all Bygone sash windows have a pair of recessed limit stops, which are silky smooth and do not protrude from the surface of the sash, until open.

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Product comparison table

As you'll have seen by now, you have a number of choices.

Should you have Acorn, Beehive or Porcelain cam catches?

Which colour looks best in each room, Antique Brass, Pewter or Chrome?

Which glass pattern, georgian layout, horns, and jointing methods suit your home best?

Take a look at our comparison table, it'll explain your choices and help you narrow down the ideal specification so that you'll make a decision that's right for your home and right for you.

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Learn why you get better windows because of these

  • BBA - British Board of Agrément Certified
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation
  • SBD - Secured By Design Approved Windows
  • British Fenestration Ratings Council - A Rating
  • Energy Savings Trust Recommended Windows
  • CE Compliant Windows
  • All Bygone windows are manufactured in the UK

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