By providing you with best practice information from the outset we hope to help you avoid costly mistakes and purchase the perfect sash windows for your home.

Every double-glazed sash window we manufacture is tailored to meet your requirements exactly, so it is vital that we explain the choices available to you. This will enable you to decide in your own time, which features you would like to see on your new windows and which you want to avoid, keeping the total cost for your double-glazing to a minimum.

  • How do I choose an installer I can trust?


    We’ve done that part for you – our preferred installers share our values and are committed to a professional installation. Simply enter your postcode to find your nearest premier installer.

    And should there be any problems with your installation, we guarantee to help resolve them.

  • Can I find any independent reviews about the installer, from people who have actually used them?


    There are lots of review sites about; some seem to be full of negative reviewers. We use and encourage  any window company can be listed and have reviews, we like it because they are genuine homeowner reviews, companies cannot add their own (fictitious ones). You can read or write a review straight from the installer page, after you enter your postcode.

  • How long do they take to fit and how long would I have to wait for the installation?


    This depends upon a number of factors and again may affect the price you pay.
    If you need 100% guaranteed installation by a certain date, they may well be able to do that by taking on extra staff or putting everyone on your job. Alternatively, you may find they are willing to discount the price if you show total flexibility. 
    Occasionally they will have a cancellation or someone has good reason to defer a contract without much warning. If you are willing to have windows installed at very short notice, that employs their fitters so they may well pass on those saving, but discuss the detail and your flexibility with the installer when you order the windows.
    Broadly it take a couple or three weeks to arrange a survey, check the detail and process the order, as manufacturers we generally take 4-6 weeks to make and deliver your windows to the installer (sometimes long especially for non-standard items like colours or arches) then a further two or three weeks for your installation date. 
    Most installers fit two windows complete per day, if the box is completely removed, more if the old linners are retained 
  • How about making good, will my walls be damaged and will I need to repaint?


    Removing windows is a disruptive job, it will disturb the plaster and architraves and shutters may need to be removed and refitted or replaced. Don’t fear, the installers we recommend are experienced with sash window replacement and they will make good any plaster etc.

    Some people wish the installers to do everything, others prefer them to leave the windows finished but decorate themselves to save a few pounds, either way, discuss your requirements with the installers.

  • How do I know that the installer is not a cowboy, that they are reliable, provide sufficient aftercare once they are fitted etc?


    We will supply hundreds of companies with our trade windows, but we don’t know how they fit the windows we sell them. Before we approve a Bygone Installer and allow them to fit our windows, we check to ensure they are good companies. We check to see that they follow our recommendations, and British standards.
    In short, if we are recommending a company, we stand by their workmanship, and they must answer to us if there are complaints of any description. We have and do monitor feedback and terminate approved status, should we feel an installer has failed to meet our expectations.
    If there is a problem, the first call is to the installer however we have a highly experienced service engineer, for those odd occasions when our direct assistance is needed.
  • When will the installation take place?


    Only by arrangement and with your agreement. 
    Occasionally installers have a cancellation or someone has good reason to defer a contract without much warning. If you are willing to have windows installed at very short notice they may be installed earlier than forecast, however they normally get fitted the week you specify or agree.
  • Will you walk me through ALL the options before I purchase?


    Installers are very happy to discuss every option until you are completely happy. Often people love the Symphony window but it is just out of their price range, don’t worry, discuss your budget with the installer. 
    None of them inflate their prices like some of the national companies, (who pretend to discount heavily providing you sign on the night). 
    What they will do is check that you need all the options, suggest a cheaper range on the back of your house, or agree to do the project in smaller phases. Talk to them, they will help you to the best of their ability. 
  • Do I pay total cost after installation or is there a deposit involved?


    Each Installer is a separate business; so we cannot answer that one specifically.
    Each company has its own payment terms. Most appreciate a small deposit; say 25% as they have to pay the surveyor and order in materials for your project. 
    Many also ask for stage payments say, 25% at the start, then a further 50% when the windows are made (and they have to pay us for them) leaving 25% outstanding, to cover their fitting charges. You may find these companies offer you a discount for stage payments as it helps their cash flow.
    Some installers will complete the all the work before any payment is made.  
    It is compulsory for installers to offer you deposit insurance but you don’t have to take it out if you don’t wish. For the sums involved we suggest it is prudent, but many installers offer you this insurance within their price, so it is worth asking them the direct question.
  • Will I be left with gaping holes in my room at any time overnight?


    Certainly not.  Whilst some national companies have been known to rip out every window at once, or leave them unfinished, all our installers aim to finish the windows they start each day, if it means an extra day or two, so be it, they certainly won’t rush your job or cut corners.

  • Will there be any mess to clear up, will I need to redecorate?


    Ask them this directly because while each installer we recommend will protect your carpets and possessions, some go to the trouble of putting down  plastic sheeting down first, then dust sheets on top to provide complete peace of mind. All of them will hoover up after themselves, remove the sticky labels and clean the windows for you.

  • Do you have any additional or hidden costs?


    No. We have no desire to overcharge you for your windows; we hope you are so pleased with the service you receive that you recommend us to your friends.

    Installers will happily discuss any aspect you’re interested in and give a break down of their costs. They will also provide you with a written proposal based on these discussions and your decisions.

    You can’t buy a Rolls Royce for the price of a Mini; the same goes for sash windows. However if you’re happy to compromise on certain design features, then our installer will find a window to suit your budget. 

    Our installers don’t offer inflated starting prices or fancy discounts. They’ll offer you their best price first time round, they'll happily lower this if you remove features you decide you can discard, rather than artificial reductions.

    We would much prefer you to purchase a basic product and be happy with your choice, than to purchase sash windows with unnecessary costly extras or be bullied into a decision you later come to regret.

  • What's wrong with buying the cheapest?


    "As I hurtled through space, one thought  kept crossing my mind - every part of this rocket was supplied by the  lowest bidder!"
    ~ John Glenn
    Okay, a rocket will have more parts than a sash window but the principal is the same. Do you really want windows made from the cheapest components going?

    Surely it's better to buy quality products at the best price, not the best quality that a cheap price can buy?

    Firstly, choosing the very cheapest option, probably means you won’t actually be purchasing sash windows, as other types of double glazing, like casements or tilt turn windows, are far simpler to make and install.

    If you want sashes to compliment the period style of your house or because you live in a conservation area, then casements won't be suitable. Even if they are sash windows, lower cost alternatives are cheaper for a reason and they won't give you all the benefits of the Bygone collection.

    If your funds are stretched but you're looking for good quality and long lasting windows, why not consider just doing the front or upstairs windows initially, or Bygone Symphony windows at the front with Melody windows at the rear?

    Viewing the Bygone Collection will cost you nothing, but you’ll see the difference in quality for yourself when you look at a sample.

  • Why do your windows cost more than average?


    We don’t cut corners and all our products are of the very highest standard.

    The British Board of Agrément (BBA) has independently tested our products for ‘whole of life’ more rigorously than for any other company. Not all sash windows will complement the period of your home or be suitable if you live in a conservation area, but ours fit both these requirements.

  • What quality checks do you carry out?


    Each component has been skilfully designed and rigorously tested, then inspected, before, during and after manufacture, giving you complete peace of mind.

    Each step of the manufacture is checked and QC'd at the end when windows are cleaned again and protected ready for dispatch on our own vehicles. 

  • Will my flooring's be protected?


    Yes, but each Installer protects rooms differently.  All will use dust sheets but some if asked, will lay plastic or spare carpets to protect the edges. Don’t be afraid to ask how they will look after your home.

  • Will I be shown how to operate them and have maintenance instructions for them?


    Once the installer has finished fitting the windows and they are cleaned, they’ll ask you to inspect them, so you’re happy with them. They’ll also show you how to slide them and tilt them inwards for cleaning etc. They will also have a information on how they should be cared for.

  • Who do I call if I need advice in the future?


    Your contract is with your installer, so they should be the first point of contact as they know your house.  However if you prefer, you can always speak to us, and in the unlikely event the installer you used has ceased trading,  we’ll find a way to resolve any issues you have.

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